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Throughout settlements in Anatolia Turkish carpets are still being woven, each standing out in its own way. Those carpets, with an enriched tradition of motif, pattern and composition past to present; and woven by the capable hands of countryside ladies, represent the peak beauty in Turkish carpet art. In many areas carpet weaving lives on both as an artistic preoccupation and a means of living. One such area is the Döşemealtı district of carpet weaving fame, located in the Antalya region. It is possible to come across more than one motif in Döşemealtı carpets. While the expression is mostly abstract with motifs such as hand, millstone, camel, scorpion, saddlebag water etc., animal figures also sometimes join in on the picture. The bird motifs representing immortality, spirit, happiness and joy can be both different bird species or bird parts (beak, foot, eye etc.). Field survey conducted in the Döşemealtı region has been identified products woven with bird motif carpet weaving style, depicting bird motifs in a perceptible manner. Bird motif symbolises many meanings and beliefs in Turkish culture. The aim of this study is to examine the features of bird motif and Döşemealtı carpet that is 4 different motif features with the bird motif is used. As a result of the study birds are freedom, luck, messenger by given meaning has been used carpet, cushion and pillows as motif. It has also been found that species of pigeon and partridge from the bird species, which are seen and grown intensively in the Döşemealtı region were used on carpets.

Turkish carpet art, Döşemealtı carpets, motif, bird motif


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