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Heroic stories are the heritage of a nation's cultur. These historical works, woven with genetic codes, combine old generations with new generations, especially around national values. Just as the Turks are, especially the historical roots and the deep nations have heroic explanations. In this context, some comparative studies have revealed surprising similarities in the biography of the heroes. One of the largest structural methods of the hero biography belongs to Lord Raglan. Raglan, in his work "Traditional Heroic Pattern" say that mythical, religious, and epic texts are a fiction, not based on historical facts, the heroes usually come to the resemblance to some of them. These overlaps specify around twenty-two items. In this study, Raglan's "Traditional Heroic Pattern" was applied on Maaday Kara, one of the epics of the Turkish World, and partly overlapping sections were covered in a context of old Turkish culture. In conclusion, from earlier scientific studies in Turkey's traditional gesture of Lord Raglan's Hero Pattern, both culturally as well as the historical past of a nation, heritage and so on. it is possible to deduce that it can only be applied to Turkish narratives around a few items in the general environment - in this study, it was observed that only twenty-two pieces of material overlap with seven pieces of material-.

Epic, Lord Raglan, Heroic Patterns, Maaday Kara


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