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In these days, in the 21st century, there is a rapid cultural imperialism in the globalizing world. Cultural elements such as languages, eating habits, clothing, and so on, have changed, and beliefs that make up a large part of the cultures and affect them all are also undergoing a process of change. Alevism is a belief that has been the subject of debates and investigations many times in our country. It has been examined in many dimensions until today and similar or different ideas about this faith have been presented. In this study, Alevism was tried to be studied in the context of the leadership of women's faith, moving from a present-day sample. In the study, Süheyla Gülen's life, who is called as the "Living Pir Mother Zohre" by her believers and the transition period rituals executed by her on behalf of the Alevi culture such as cem execution, mourning ceremonies in the month of Muharrem and wedding and funeral events were examined. The practices that were performed by her during the celebration of the national memorial days such as November 10 and October 29 were also compiled. The similar and different aspects of these practices with the general Alevi faith were tried to be determined. In our study, a brief information was given about the life of Mother Zohre, her dervish lodge and her works and the above mentioned cultural elements which constitute the main axis were tried to be examined. In addition to these, a section entitled “Mother Zohre and Atatürk” was opened due to the value that she gave to Atatürk. In our study, interviewing and question-answer techniques were used for our resource people. Besides these, the cassettes containing the breathes of Mother Zohre "Pir Breath is Divine", "God is The Divine Word" "and "Ali is the Guide of Science" and her books such as "Those Wise People Who are in the Moonlight","Breaths Coming from Cem","Ali is my Guide and His Road is Ours" were used. Mother Zohre's practices such as the Cem executions, keeping the faith alive with the rituals of worship performed in her dervish lodge, the acceptance of her healing power, the healing of diseases with the means believed shown by her, the donations given to people who are in need, the scholarships given to students, the celebrations of national holidays with the activities in the lodge, led us to the conclusion that she can be considered as pir. It was also found that Mother Zohre was a known and respected leader of faith in the Alevi culture basin but she was excluded especially by Dedes.

Alevism, Woman, Mother Zohre


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